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01. Health Care Law

Our firm consistently represents the interests of doctors, surgeons, health care providers and individuals against insurers and third party administrators that refuse to treat them fairly and pay what’s owed.  Litigation can be expensive, and insurers often have limitless resources when compared to individuals, healthcare providers and even some robust corporations, and it is important to know when and how to stand up to them.

While insurers may be well versed in denying claims based on alleged “lack of medical necessity”, “paying Usual, Reasonable and Customary (UCR)” amounts, paying only an “allowed amount”, paying only what may be allowed in an out-of-state plan, etc., the attorneys at LOHG know how to find out if an insurer is operating contrary to the law, placing its interests before those of its members and/or otherwise acting in bad faith.

The attorneys at LOHG have experience dealing with adverse benefits determinations, failure by insurers to honor pre-authorization or pre-certification of benefits subsequent to their members receiving medical care, and claims that patients have failed to meet “plan deadlines” under ERISA, and have obtained millions for their clients fighting these often baseless contentions.

 48 Years of Accumulated Practice

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The Law Offices of Heather Gibson is dedicated to fighting on behalf of those who might not otherwise have a voice. We vigorously advocate for the rights of our clients against the seemingly insurmountable forces of insurance companies, utility providers, large scale business and the government with a proven record of success.

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