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Welcome to the
Law Offices of
Heather Gibson, P.C.

Fighting for Your Rights

The Law Offices of Heather Gibson is dedicated to fighting on behalf of those who might not otherwise have a voice. We vigorously advocate for the rights of our clients against the seemingly insurmountable forces of insurance companies, utility providers, large scale business and the government with a proven record of success.

Introducing our law firm

Our Business Sectors


Health Care Law

Our firm consistently represents the interests of doctors, surgeons, health care providers and individuals against insurers and third party administrators that refuse to treat them fairly and pay what’s owed.


Personal Injury

Responsibility for a loss and compensation for that loss is sometimes quite difficult to determine.  Contacting an experienced attorney as soon as possible after an incident in which you were injured is critical.


Insurance Bad Faith

When you've paid your insurance premiums diligently, the last thing you expect is to be blind sighted with a coverage denial. If you hold health, auto, home or commercial general liability coverage and have tendered a claim to your carrier only to find that they refuse to accept coverage, contact our office for a free consultation.


Employment Law

We have represented individuals, corporations, and even a union of fire fighters in navigating the tumultuous seas of Employment Law. Our mission is always to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients with the least amount of stress and difficulty for them.


Business Law

Many of the duties of those owning and managing businesses are set forth in the Law.  When disputes arise, it is critical to review the facts of each situation in relation to the type of organization involved and the rules which must be adhered to by the various owners, managers, shareholders, partners or members.


Real Estate Law

For most of us, real estate is the largest asset we will ever own.  Protecting that asset and realizing the true value of the property is central to what we do on behalf of our clients. It is vitally important that a client is advised as to which legal option is best for their specific problem as well as a specific strategy to achieve a solution.

There Is No Lawyer More Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)

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